We have just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV  We have added two new feature in this release:

1.  DHCP Release - Now, just before the wireless card is disabled a command is sent to release the DHCP address of that card.  This will help reclaim IP addresses when the user is going from an internal wireless to the LAN.  This only happens when going from wireless to wired.  We cannot know when the LAN will be disconnected so this is not possible when going from wired to wireless.

2. Now when using the Wireless AutoSwitch On-Off shortcut (available only in Mode 1 and 3) to stop the Wireless AutoSwitch service all wireless cards are turned on if they are disabled.  In the past using this shortcut only stopped or started the Wireless AutoSwitch service and left the wireless card in whatever state they were in. 

Wireless AutoSwitch can be downloaded from any page on this site from the "Download - Latest Versions" box or www.wirelessautoswitch.com/Public/Wireless_AutoSwitch_XPV.zip. 

As always you are downloading the full production version that is pre-populated with a trial license key that give 30 days of free usage.  Customers that are licensed for Wireless AutoSwitch XPV can download and use this new release under the original purchase with their permanent license key.