We just wrote a variant of Wireless AutoSwitch that some may like and find useful.  It is called Wireless AutoOff.  The function of the application is to disable all wireless by default regardless of LAN connection and only allow the user to manually request the wireless to be turned on, and this is only allowed it if there is no LAN.

  • There is only one mode (what would be Mode 2 in Wireless AutoSwitch). 
  • The application starts and finds all wireless cards and disables them, regardless of the machine being on LAN or not. 
  • There is a shortcut created under "Start Menu - Wireless AutoOff" called "Wireless On-Off" (during installation you can choose to have the shortcut created on the desktop as well).
  • If the user is on the LAN and clicks this shortcut they get a message displayed that this is not allowed while on the LAN. 
  • If the user disconnects the LAN and clicks this shortcut then the wireless is enabled. 
  • The moment the LAN is reconnected the wireless is disabled. 
  • If the user is not on the LAN and wireless is enabled, clicking the shortcut will disable all wireless.

The unique thing is that the user doesn't have to be an admin of the machine.  The application is installed as a service and runs under the local system account.  Clicking the shortcut sends a signal to the service to do a particular action and the shortcut app can be run by a non-admin user.

Try it out and let us know if there is any interest: http://www.wirelessautoswitch.com/Public/Wireless_AutoOff.zip

There is no manual yet but will be available soon.  If there is interest or questions please email us at sase@wirelessautoswitch.com.