Wireless AutoSwitch, had a record breaking year in 2011 selling over one hundred and fifty thousand licenses.  That's more than double the previous year.  Revenue in 2011 alone was responsible for over half the total revenue since 2007 (the first year of public sale).  As a matter of fact for the last four years each year's sales and revenue has been double the previous year.  And the success continues as over twenty thousand licenses have already been sold in just the first half of January 2012.

In 2011 there were eleven Enterprise Unlimited Usage licenses sold, representing 30% of total revenue, and there are already three sold in 2012.  For clients with over 4000 laptops there is the Enterprise Unlimited Usage license.  It allows unlimited usage of Wireless AutoSwitch XPV in the enterprise regardless of the number of installations.  The majority of companies buying this license have well over 4000 laptops.