We have just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV  Here are the additions:

1.  Previously one needed to be an admin to run the "Wireless AutoSwitch On-Off" shortcut.  Now, when installed in Mode 1 or 3 the Wireless AutoSwitch On-Off shortcut is created (as before) and can now be run by a standard (non-admin) user.  When clicked the user will see the following message: "Wireless AutoSwitch is now suspended and all devices have been turned on."  And if they click it again they will see:"Wireless AutoSwitch is now running."

In addition to suspending Wireless AutoSwitch, all wireless devices are enabled.  And when the operation is running again, Wireless AutoSwitch will do whatever is appropriate (disable if on LAN, enable if not on LAN).

2.  Based on feedback we have added a couple more virtual or system devices to ignore by default and also allowed for a WMI issue that get inconsistent status info.

Wireless AutoSwitch XPV can be downloaded from any page on this site from the "Download - Latest Versions" box or www.wirelessautoswitch.com/Public/Wireless_AutoSwitch_XPV.zip.

As always you are downloading the full production version that is pre-populated with a trial license key that give 30 days of free usage. Customers that are licensed for Wireless AutoSwitch XPV can download and use this new release under the original purchase with their permanent license key.