We just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV version  This version fixes an issue when using some USB docking stations and adds the Start Disabled feature (wireless disabled regardless of LAN).

In version we added support for USB docking stations; recently we got a few reports that XPV was not working with some new USB dock stations.  The issue was related to correctly identifying the USB dock and we have fixed that issue in

We had a client request a new feature where all wireless cards would be disabled when the machine starts up (and Wireless AutoSwitch start) regardless of the LAN connection.  Then the user can start Wireless AutoSwitch into normal operation with the use of a shortcut.  This would only happen once (at start-up) and after that the standard auto switching facilities would go into effect.  We added this feature for them and then thought maybe others would want the same.  So now it is a production feature. 

We added the feature as a command line (deployment) enabled feature, meaning you will not have the option to enable this feature in the GUI but only when installing with a command line.  If needed we can create a custom MSI that has the option in the GUI dialog.

If installing in Mode 2 or 4 the shortcut is created but can only be clicked once.  Any clicks after that would not do anything and give a message that this shortcut can only be used once.  In this way you do not lose the functionality of Mode 2 and 4.  We are using the same shortcut that is installed in Mode 1 and 3 but updated to handle the new feature and restrictions.

It should be noted that this feature can be turned on in the registry after the all is already installed but if you installed in Mode 2 or 4 and didn't set STARTDISABLED=1 and then changed it on 1 in the registry the user will not have a shortcut to start up Wireless AutoSwitch again.  So this is not recommended.  Uninstall and reinstall with STARTDISABLED=1 is the best way to go.

Please see the manual for instructions in usage.