Well for my first blog I must talk about my product, Wireless AutoSwitch. I wrote this little utility back in 2006 because I couldn't find anything that did what I wanted as simple and precise as I wanted and as a standalone function.  I did a lot of searching and found some scripts, suggestions, and software that had this as one of its feature, but nothing that was simple and inexpensive.

Why was I searching for a utility to automatically disable the wireless cards?  Well one day in 2006 I was at a client site and they were starting to roll out wireless access points and we were setting up laptops to connect to the internal wireless access points.  This client placed the wireless network on the same subnet as the LAN.  So they soon started running out of IP Addresses because the docked laptops had a LAN and a wireless connection at the same time and both with its own IP Address.  So we needed something to turn off the wireless when the laptop was docked and connected to the local area network.

Since I could not find any good solutions already in existence, I decided to write my own.  I had just started to script and write programs a couple of months before and I had that mentality that I could do anything with software.  Well it wasn't easy but two weeks later I was able to put Wireless AutoSwitch together.  By the way I did have the name from the beginning as that is exactly what I Googled when I was searching for this solution.

The first version worked well but had flaws and it was good to have a large test environment because within two weeks in production on about 1000 machines I was able to find all the flaws and make it stable.

I knew when I set out to write it that this would be something good that I wanted to keep for myself.  I spoke to the company I was doing this for and I told them that I would write this utility and they can use it free of charge but I own it and they would never get the source code.  They agreed.  I am very glad I did that as this application is very successful.  I am still amazed at how many companies use it and how well it is received.

But that success was not overnight.  I started marketing it for sale mid 2006 and maybe sold 10 licenses through CNET's Download.com that year.  I kept refining it and in 2007 we sold about 4,000 licenses.  In 2008 we sold about 16,000 licenses of the new Wireless AutoSwitch 10 and Wireless AutoSwitch Vista combined. In 2009 I created Wireless AutoSwitch XPV which combined support for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, and even though the price of XPV was over 50% higher than Wireless AutoSwitch 10 or Wireless AutoSwitch Vista, it outsold both products for that year and the two prior years combined.  We sold about 40,000 licenses of XPV in 2009 and over 60,000 licenses in 2010.

Again I have to say this was not easy.  We did a lot or marketing with Google Adwords, with Postcards, with Email Marketing, we made sure our website communicated well.  Above all we maintained good and fast communication with customers and prospects.

We stress good communication, simplicity and precision in everything we do.