We have all heard the statement that nothing in life is free.  But there are some things that are free, like love and the air you breathe.  But most others things are not free even when it looks like it is free.  For example, education in most countries is free; but not really as it is paid for by taxes and rightly so.  We have a responsibility to educate our children and protect our community and way of life by educating the next generation and that costs something.  Anything worth using, consuming or having is created or done by someone and is worth something.  The producer should be rewarded for their work. Think of it this way, you go to work and produce and you expect to be paid.  Would you want your boss to say, well I thought you were working for free?

Software is interesting in that it is produced and then you just sell copies, so why not give it away for free.  That software still has to be supported and it still has value if it is desired.  Don't get me wrong I use lots of free software, as a matter of fact I am writing this on Notepad++ which I got for free.  I love Notepad++ and it has value to me and I have donated to the creators even though they do not require it.  If the price is reasonable for the product I pay for it or find something that fits my needs.  I like supporting good products and good people, I expect the same in return.

When I wrote Wireless AutoSwitch it was always intended for corporations and not end users (home users).  This is a management tool that is used to protect the company or enforce a corporate policy.  So my target audience is corporations and corporations want support and updates and they pay for it and rightly so.

So why not give it to home users for free?  Well once again it still has value even if that value is convenience.  A home user can enable/disable their wireless manually but if you want the convenience of an automatic utility then that has a value.  The cost of one license of Wireless AutoSwitch is low.  I have seen bulletin boards/forums where someone is looking for a free product like Wireless AutoSwitch and spend hours looking for a free solution when they can just pay $5-$8, they even state they would rather find something that is free and continue searching.  To me this just means they don't value their own time.  What's an hour of your time worth?  I hope you say more than $8.