In a previous blog I talked about free software.  I want to take a moment to highlight some of the free software I use and love.  Both of my websites and are run on DotNetNuke which is absolutely great.  Of course I have bought modules and skins for my sites but the core platform is free.

I have already mentioned Notepad++; I use this as my primary note taking and typing platform, and occasionally I will edit a script with it.  It is very versatile and I have replaced the default notepad with Notepad++.

I do a lot of repetitive typing (typing the same thing over and over again) like answering a quote request or sending out licenses after a purchase and for this I use AutoHotKey to speed things up.  I simply type 3-4 letters, hit the space bar and an entire phrase or paragraph is typed out in a second.  It saves me a lot of time.