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Wireless AutoSwitch XPV 1.5.7 Released

Here are the recent updates this year: VERSION : 1.5.7 DATE : 30 Jul 2019 CHANGES : Added support for new Intel cards VERSION : DATE...

Wireless AutoSwitch XPV Released!

We just released XPV version   This version speeds up the detection of USB devices added after the service starts.  Detection ...

Wireless AutoSwitch XPV 1.5.6 Released!

We just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV version 1.5.6.  This version updates the code to recognize the new DisplayLink driver for USB Dockin...

Wireless AutoSwicth XPV released!

We just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV version  This version fixes an issue when using some USB docking stations and adds the Start Di...

New Features in XPV

We have just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV  Here are the additions: 1.  Previously one needed to be an admin to run the "Wire...

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Competition and Price Wars

Competition is good for both a business and its customers, especially for the customer.  Competition drives a business to innovate and work harder to get and keep customers.  Competition allows customers to get the best price and product for their money.  So for the customer it can be great, but not always for the business that cannot compete.   A business that does not innovate and continue to compete will soon go out of business and well this is not good for them or the customers (it removes a choice). Then there is the price war.  This is where companies drop prices as a method of competing; this is designed to draw customers away from the competitor.  Sometimes a company makes a drastic drop in price to try to corner the market or just get back in the game.  This only works if both companies are on similar ground with similar products.   If the product was not competing well before because it just didn’t fill the customer’s needs, then no amou ...

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