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Wireless AutoSwitch XPV 1.5.7 Released

Here are the recent updates this year: VERSION : 1.5.7 DATE : 30 Jul 2019 CHANGES : Added support for new Intel cards VERSION : DATE...

Wireless AutoSwitch XPV Released!

We just released XPV version   This version speeds up the detection of USB devices added after the service starts.  Detection ...

Wireless AutoSwitch XPV 1.5.6 Released!

We just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV version 1.5.6.  This version updates the code to recognize the new DisplayLink driver for USB Dockin...

Wireless AutoSwicth XPV released!

We just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV version  This version fixes an issue when using some USB docking stations and adds the Start Di...

New Features in XPV

We have just released Wireless AutoSwitch XPV  Here are the additions: 1.  Previously one needed to be an admin to run the "Wire...

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Don't reinvent the wheel

Ever have someone say this to you?  The fact is if we didn't keep reinventing the wheel we wouldn't be where we are today.  Can you imagine driving a car with wooden wheels?  Progress requires reinvention as well as new inventions. I understand the saying really means don't recreate the exact same thing that already exist, but most of the time people are just trying to make something better or cheaper not recreate the same thing that already exist.  Then there are some cases where someone doesn't know that the same thing exists and believe they are just creating something anew.  Is there anything wrong with either of these cases?   Creation and recreation is always valuable and should be encouraged, if nothing else you gain experience or come up with a different way to do something; it only becomes an issue if it wastes time and money (someone else's).  But if you believe in something and can do it without costing someone else time and money then go for it. Today wi ...

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